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Seeing brown bears in the wild is the experience of a lifetime. Our goal is for you to have an outstanding and safe trip and so we want you give you a clear picture of what to expect on your adventure.

Each tour begins at the Juneau airport for outfitting and orientation. You will be met by your trip leader, an experienced wilderness guide and naturalist. The guide will discuss the day’s itinerary, safety protocols and outfit you with necessary gear including boots, rain gear and binoculars. Please arrive at the airport one hour before scheduled flight time.

We travel by float plane for the scenic 30-minute flight to Admiralty or Chichagof Island.

Flights are operated by Alaska Seaplanes, the premiere commuter airline of Southeast Alaska. You’ll get to see Alaska from a new perspective as we leave Juneau behind and fly into the wilderness. Your pilot and guide will be on hand to assist you out onto the plane’s float and onto the beach. 

Once ashore, bears can be seen at any time.

We will walk several hundred yards along the shore to the best viewing areas to see bears foraging or chasing salmon. Your guide carries bear deterrent and will instruct you in appropriate saferty protocol. The bears we see are coastal brown bears (Ursus arctos). They are the same species as the grizzly bear, though in coastal areas these bears grow much larger due to the abundance of wild salmon and other food.

If conditions at Pack Creek are right, your guide may suggest a two-mile hike through the forest to the upper creek. When we’re viewing bears, we often sit on a log or the ground to keep a low profile. Lunch is always eaten onshore near the plane drop-off beach and all food must be stored by the guide.  Bathroom breaks are outside and your guide carries all needed supplies.

At the end of the tour, your pilot and plane will return for the flight back to Juneau.  Your guide will escort you back to our outfitting room to change foot wear, retrieve any personal belongings you left behind, and perhaps exchange Facebook, Instagram or email addresses to facilitate sharing of photos and stories from the day!

If you have questions about our trips, custom trips or other activities in Juneau, please call us at 907-209-54327.


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