Juneau Carbon Offset




Purchase an Alaskan carbon offset for your trip! Your offset purchase allows you to take charge of your carbon impact and helps lower-income Juneau families eliminate carbon pollution from their home heating.
We are proud to be the Juneau’s first tour operator offering our guests a carbon offset option! The Juneau Carbon Offset Fund helps lower-income families make the switch from oil home heating systems to highly-efficient and emissions-free air source heat pumps, powered by Juneau’s clean and fish-friendly hydroelectricity. Your small offset purchase represents your portion of the carbon emissions from our tour, making your portion of the Pack Creek outing carbon neutral!

The cost covers a per-person portion of an average trip’s fuel consumption for both van shuttle from to and from town and the float plane to and from Admiralty Island. You can read about how we calculated this sum with the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund in our blog.

The price includes a credit card transaction fee, but otherwise, 100% of your carbon offset purchase will be directed to carbon reduction with the Fund’s heat pump installations.




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