Pack Creek Bear Tour

The Pack Creek Bear Sanctuary on Admiralty Island is one of Alaska’s most accessible, and yet most wild, bear viewing areas. A short, scenic flight from Juneau. Human visitation is limited, allowing us to enjoy a wilderness bear viewing experience. An unspoiled wilderness, wild bears, a great adventure.

Pack Creek is ideal habitat for Alaska’s massive coastal brown bears (grizzlies). This is the place to see brown bears in Southeast Alaska. Admiralty Island is locally known as Kootznoowoo, the “Fortress of the Bears.” Admiralty is home to one of the densest populations of brown bears in the world. This is a bear paradise.

The Pack Creek Bear Tour is a premium guided and fully-outfitted package. We take just 2-5 people to explore some of the most prime bear country on earth and to observe these amazing animals in the protected Kootznoowoo Wilderness on Admiralty Island.

Pack Creek is in a designated Wilderness. This means that you’ll see the bears in their natural habitat and without crowds of people. Human visitation is limited, particularly during the salmon runs, to ensure that the bear’s needs are put first. While July – August is the peak of bear activity, Pack Creek is an excellent place to see bear activity in May, June and September as well.

Pack Creek Tour highlights:
  • Outstanding opportunities to observe and photograph wild bears;
  • 25-minute float plane flight to Admiralty National Monument, inside the Kootznoowoo Wilderness;
  • Five-six hours spent exploring a half mile of beach and a meadow where Pack Creek emerges from the mountains and forest to meet the sea, with a possible two mile interpretive hike on a moderate trail through pristine old growth forest to an observation tower above the creek;
  • Maximum of five guests on every tour;
  • Guided by Alaskan professional naturalists specializing in bear behavior and temperate rain forest natural history;
  • Fully outfitted, with rubber boots, rain gear (if needed), day pack, binoculars, and healthy lunch with snacks;
  • $849/person July 5 – August 25. $799/person outside of peak season (Customary Guide Gratuity not included);
  • Trips May 10 – September 15;
  • No regularly scheduled trips June 10-25, as this may be a slow time for bears. Call for special arrangements.

To check availability and make reservations through our partners at Alaska Seaplanes, fill out the grey box on this page with your desired dates. If the date you want is not available, please call us at 907-209-5432.  We will attempt to arrange other permits and flights to accommodate you.


Pack Creek through the Season

Spring May 10 – June 10

Starting in the spring, brown bears come to the meadows to feed and also to pursue mates. This is a fascinating time for bear behavior, particularly as courtship heats up in late May. We often feel that we have some of our most interesting tours during our spring season.

Mid June

In mid-June many bears head back into the hills, following fresh green vegetation. While some stick around, we do not offer regularly scheduled trips in mid-June, as this is a time when we can expect bear activity to be slow. However, there are typically a few bears that stay at Pack Creek and we have also enjoyed excellent viewing this time of year, including mating activity. If you’re interested in a mid June trip, give us a call for a custom consultation.

Late June – Early July

By the end of June, bears are congregating at the creek, waiting for the first pacific salmon to arrive. This is an exciting time as the are working out their own pecking order in anticipation of their annual feast.

July 6 – August 25

The iconic spectacle: Alaskan bears chasing wild salmon. Salmon typically start to swim up the creek in the first few days of our peak season. From July through early-September, bears can be seen feeding on salmon. This is the most popular time to visit Pack Creek. However, visitation is strictly limited, so we’ll never be stuck in a crowd. During this time, we expect to see bears chasing and eating fish. As we get into August, the hike to the upper creek can be particularly rewarding place to see bears fishing higher up in the creek.

August 26 – September 10th

Bears continue to fish for salmon into early September. Bear viewing continues to be excellent as long as there are fish in the creek. During the late season we may be able to take larger groups of up to 10, call for a consultation.