Firsthand Grizzly Bear Stories, News, and Updates From Alaska

Our Bear Stories Give You A Sense of What It’s Like On Our Tours

The great thing about working in bear country is that we collect a lot of firsthand grizzly bear stories. While they’re all entertaining, some of them really convey the amazing feelings that our guests experience on our eco-tours. Because we know our prospective guests want to know “what it’s really like to experience a wilderness bear viewing tour”, we’ve collected some of them here for you.

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Check back here often for new firsthand grizzly bear stories from Admiralty Island, Alaska, so you can be sure not to miss out! Also, don’t miss this amazing video that does a great job capturing the magic of Pack Creek Bear Tours.


Participant COVID Expectations COVID-19 Participant Information: As we plan for more exciting trips in 2021, we are reflecting on the successes of 2020. Thank you to everyone who came exploring with us this past summer. We had wet, challenging weather and awesome bears. To our knowledge, none of our clients or guides tested positive this past season. We hope that our practices from 2020 will help us continue to stay safe. Our goal is to share some expectations for next year based on how we managed COVID issues this past year. We will continue to evolve our plans to meet the situation as we approach 2021. Please call us to discuss any questions or concerns at (907)-209-5432. Before your trip Make smart decisions about your travel. Travel involves inherent risks of transmission that can reduced but not be eliminated. Follow Alaska’s travel requirements for testing and quarantining. Have a plan for if you get exposed or sick and are unable to travel home.… Continue Reading
Our COVID-19 Plan   PURPOSE: The following policies and procedures is to address employee and client safety and adherence to State of Alaska Health Mandates concerning the COVID 19 Pandemic. These policies and procedures are in addition to our existing risk management plan and are in effect until modified or rescinded.   Pack Creek Bear Tours (PCBT) provides backcountry guiding services to travelers from around the world. As such, guides and clients may be exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19. This plan details the measures PCBT will uses to mitigate exposure to COVID 19.   Due to the fluidity of the events, directives, and mandates during this pandemic, this plan will be updated as conditions change, and as relevant information is disseminated by local, state and federal agencies. Employee notification of amendments will be made by the General Manager (GM) following adoption.   Agreement with Clients and Client Health Policy General Policy: PCBT is committed to reducing the risks to clients and… Continue Reading
Summer 2020 Update: COVID 19 Edition. As we all continue to monitor travel changes from the Coronavirus Pandemic, we wanted to provide an update on our plans for the 2020 summer. Safety of our guests and guides comes first, always. We wholeheartedly continue to follow and support city, state and federal efforts. If it is responsible to do so, we are still planning to operate this summer. We plan to make rolling decisions on our May and June trips starting mid-April. We recognize that some of you will have to cancel your travel plans. Our cancellation policy gives you up to 15 days before their trip to make a decision. Our regular cancellation policy still applies (below). Refund Policy We include a non-refundable $75 per person permit fee for Pack Creek Reservations made from July 5 – August 25. If a tour is unable to fly due to weather or if there is only a single person booked, and guest/guests can’t be accommodated on another departure,… Continue Reading
Juneau Carbon Offset The impact of a trip to Pack Creek is small, making it is easy to compensate for. Traveling in float planes and vans, there are some inherent impacts in what we do. In order to help balance these forces, Pack Creek Bear Tours supports the mission and efforts of the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund. The Juneau Carbon Offset Fund is an elegant program that allows our guests to have a positive impact by helping our neighbors and offsetting pollution. The Fund collects revenue from the sale of carbon offsets and directs it towards the elimination of oil-heating systems in the homes of lower-income southeast Alaskan families. Essentially, the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund provides us a balance, allowing us to realize our impacts and eliminate them elsewhere. Pack Creek Bear Tours would like to encourage you to be a part of this easy-to-do solution and offers you the opportunity to offset your small part of the impact inherent in a trip… Continue Reading
Night on Earth: Netflix We're celebrating the release of the new Netflix series "Night on Earth." In late August, 2018, Bjorn Dihle and I flew into a remote community tucked among glacial rivers and mountains. We were there as expert wildlife guides assisting the crew. Our arrival was timed with the moon. Big tides would be bringing pink and chum salmon into the clear water tributaries of this glacial river to spawn. The goal was to film bears and wolves fishing in the dark, a behavior that had never been captured at night. Night on Earth Wildlife enthusiasts know that dawn and dusk are the best times to see active animals. From a film perspective the challenge is that the best behavior occurs in the low or absent light. Our crew was just a small part of the global Night on Earth team using groundbreaking technology that would allow us to capture animals without the light of the sun. In Alaska, dusk is often… Continue Reading
Spring Bear Camp Our goal with any of our trips is to offer you the same trip that we would put together for our friends or family. We believe we have the best day trip to Pack Creek in terms of time on the ground, logistics, and guides. It's our job to put you in the best spot. On days off, you're likely to find our guides camped on Windfall Island. A short paddle from Pack Creek, this camp allows us to spend more time in the Wilderness and more time looking at bears. Bears, float planes, camping in style! Now we are offering this adventure to you as well, but with lots of added comfort features. After a day of paddling, exploring, and bear viewing, we'll return to camp. No sleeping on the cold ground, each wall tent has a cozy wood stove and sleeps two in comfortable cots. No freeze-dried dinner, your guides will prepare a fresh, locally-sourced meal highlighting Alaskan… Continue Reading
Bears and Humans Wait for Salmon I went out fishing before work. Rumors abound, there are fish around. I didn't catch anything, but I saw fish jumping. They are coming in! From their long pelagic sojourn, returning home. There has already been plenty of lyrical writing about wild salmon. I don't have much to add but this: Every year, it is a miracle. Every year it is a pulse of life that wakes everything in Alaska. They lift the sea. The tide lifts them. The bears are waiting for the fish. The people are waiting for the fish. It's about to begin!   Continue Reading
Happy Birthday Jane This is such a classic story. An intense, committed young scientist, charismatic wildlife, a captivating narrator (Orson Welles!) and one of the great stories of meeting the "other." This is a well-trod narrative now, but worth watching to see how this genre started before watching Our Planet on Netflix. Observing Wildlife and Science While I am not a scientist, the personal study and of wildlife is still richly rewarding. I have great respect for the students of biology, evolution and ecology that slog away long hours gathering and analyzing data to answer questions about genetics or modeling in R. This documentary celebrates the value of field work. It's a good reminder to all of us to be observant out of doors. Meeting Animals and Seeing Ourselves Jane Goodall also balances the strange intersection of data collection and the experience of meeting another being that lives on our planet. The more I observe bears, the more comparisons to human behavior… Continue Reading
A Small Piece of Ken Leghorn’s Legacy Ken was guiding in Alaska before I was born. So I can't say much about his early years up here. I'll leave that to friends and family. They explored the wildest rivers in Alaska, chased bears in Russia and found perfect snow while backcountry skiing in Juneau. For me, Ken was the always-enthusiastic force that got me away from my desk and back out into the Wilderness. He was the kind of person you always wanted to say yes to. When I showed mild interest, he had me leading trips to Pack Creek. I was a few years past my days as a Wilderness Ranger with the Forest Service, still up on all my certifications, but firmly behind a desk. When a chance would come to fly out to Pack Creek on a sunny afternoon, I'd happily closed my laptop and head for the airport. When I would return home from a trip, well past dinner but the summer sun… Continue Reading
Chris Morgan, Jeff Bridges and the Grizzly Ecologist Chris Morgan made this lovely piece with Legend Jeff Bridges. I've been lucky enough to get to know Chris a little bit through my work in conservation. Chris is the real deal, one of the few people presenting natural history today with real bear skills. He's got passion too. I've never met Mr. Bridges, but if I do I'll thank him for his work with grizzlies. This video reminds me that we're so lucky to have places like Alaska. Alaska still has the wild places that allow bears to thrive. I'm excited for Chris's work in the North Cascades. Living around grizzlies is not easy but I can confidently report that it's worth it. Continue Reading