Juneau Carbon Offset

The impact of a trip to Pack Creek is small, making it is easy to compensate for.

Traveling in float planes and vans, there are some inherent impacts in what we do. In order to help balance these forces, Pack Creek Bear Tours supports the mission and efforts of the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund. The Juneau Carbon Offset Fund is an elegant program that allows our guests to have a positive impact by helping our neighbors and offsetting pollution.

The Fund collects revenue from the sale of carbon offsets and directs it towards the elimination of oil-heating systems in the homes of lower-income southeast Alaskan families. Essentially, the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund provides us a balance, allowing us to realize our impacts and eliminate them elsewhere. Pack Creek Bear Tours would like to encourage you to be a part of this easy-to-do solution and offers you the opportunity to offset your small part of the impact inherent in a trip like ours.

The combined small efforts of many can culminate in a much larger result.

The Juneau Carbon Offset Fund has already reached into the homes of many lower-income Juneau families and has eliminated the burning of thousands of annual gallons of heating oil, preventing the creation of hundreds of tons of carbon dioxide in the process. While the program is not yet “verified,” all funds are administered through the Juneau Community Foundation.

For your trip to Pack Creek, we’ve calculated the per person carbon creation using the following factors:

  •  2 hours flight time: 2 round trip flights/outing (Drop off and pick up).
  • 30 gallons of aviation fuel per hour or 60 gallons burned per trip
  • Average of 15 gallons burned per person
  • 18.4 lbs CO2  are created per one gallon of burned aviation gas (source)
  • Carbon dioxide creation per passenger is 276 lbs
  • Van travel to and from airport in a vehicle averaging 20 mpg uses less than a gallon per outing and therefore has a minimal impact.
  • The Juneau Carbon Offset Fund renewable heat projects price carbon at $0.015 / pound
  •  COST FOR INDIVIDUAL OFFSET  of plane + van = $4.15 + $0.35 or $4.50 / person + 3% processing fee ($0.14).

Learn more or contribute directly by visiting the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund.

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